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    Bellaire South

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    • 4330 Panther Drive

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      Upcoming Events

        Our Bellaire South Campus is where we have our Fitness Center, Learning Center, Cafe, Dance Loud Academy, School of Music, Administrative, and Ministerial Offices.

        Connect Through Life Groups

        "Lifegroups" are comprised of 8-15 believers sharing life together. these small groups are our primary avenue for disciple making to occur! We grow inward by sharing the Word and teaching the Word, then grow outward by sharing the Word and serving the World!


        Preschool & Children's Ministry

        Children and Preschool Minister: Casey Canup

        Leadership:  Erin Michels, Bridgett Sepulvado, Lindsey Renwick

        Bed Babies & Toddlers – Erin Michels,  Vanessa Powers

        Ones – Erin Michels, Vanessa Powers

        Two’s – Lylah-Paige Powers

        Three’s – Jennifer Farrar

        4’s – Melissa Prine, Stephanie Snow

        5’s – David & Audra Bartholomew

        1st Grade – Shirley Stewart

        2nd Grade – Travis Stewart

        3rd and  4th Grade – Doug Martin

        5th Grade – Joyce Jeffrey, Ray Soto


        Student Ministry

        Student Minister: Cory Tucker

        6th Grade – Joe West

        7th & 8th Grade Girls – Julie Bennett

        7th & 8th Grade Boys – Josh Wolverton

        9th & 10th Grade Girls – Lacey Wolverton

        9th & 10th Grade Boys – Cory Tucker, Kevin Bennett

        11th Grade Coed – Bob & Sheila Davis

        12th Grade Coed – Bob & Sheila Davis


        Adults (18-30)

        Crossroads - Jamie & April Merritt

        Common Ground - Drew Ley & Julie Rogers

        The Gathering - Michael Woodruff & Christine Reed 


        Adults (31-50)

        Warriors – Ricky Scales

        Journey – Jeff Harper & Stephen Mackey

        Redeemed – Scott Wolverton

        G.I.F.T. – Paul Smith

        Seekers – Karen Johnson

        Legacy – Bobby & Alice Marlow

        Lydia – Debbie Whittington


        Adults (51+)

        Senior Minister- Carol Thacker

        Encouragers – Gerald & Vickie Pruett

        Disciples – Bill & Jayne Mackey

        Cornerstone – Tom Hopkins & John Dark

        Naomi – Linda White

        Grace – Joyce Wooten

        Hope – Norma Breznik

        Ruth – Sara Murphy

        Davis, Dave Thompson

        Agape – Frank Breithaupt

        Pastor’s – Vicki Harper

        Mingles – Julie Frederick

        Tapestry – Fern Belton















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